Life Sciences

Advancement in life sciences, better medical services and improved quality of living contributed to the increased life expectancy of individuals creating an increased demand for medical care and pharmaceuticals from an ageing population.

Whilst global programs are investing in increasing the reach of medical services and enhancing the respective facilities, there has been increased demand for basic medical supplies due to mass wars that have erupted in recent years in different parts around the globe. Further, as more epidemics are on the rise, we find biomedical research is trying to keep up with the evolution of viruses and find solutions to control the spreading of diseases.

In the Middle East, UAE in particular, we are witnessing an increased direction to foster a regional medical hub through attracting competent talent and partnering with some of the leading organizations globally e.g. Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic, to provide better medical services and contribute to the economy through increased medical tourism.

At RISKTAL we have firsthand experience in generic pharmaceuticals manufacturing operations and are familiar with the regulatory and compliance requirements of the industry; combined with our organizational excellence expertise and leading risk management methodology, would provide you with invaluable support throughout your processes.

Some of our services that are relevant to the life sciences industry are:

  • Major programs advisory.
  • Development and/or review of policies and procedures manuals.
  • Innovation and creativity solutions.
  • Supply chain solutions.
  • Forensic data analysis.
  • Fraud and corruption prevention services.
  • Internal audit services.
  • Risk management solutions.
  • Business continuity planning.
  • RISKTAL digital solutions.
  • Professional training and awareness campaigns.
  • Business model transformation.
  • Human capital advisory.