Board Effectiveness

Who are they? Are they right for you? Are they doing what they are supposed to do?

February 10, 2022 | By Risktal Thought Leadership

If you attend any conference, or read any publication about good governance, you are bound to come across “The Tone at the Top”.

This statement is very accurate and the tone at the top shapes everything that goes within an organization. A dysfunctional Board leads to dysfunctional management or provide green fields for corrupt management to “get away with murder”.

Nevertheless, the questions that never get asked, or get asked and never answered, are:

– Who exactly are the people at the Top?

– How are the Top (Board Members and Executives) selected?

– Are they the right profiles for the organization?

– What are their qualifications?

– How involved are they in the business?

– Are they doing what they are supposed to do to discharge their fiduciary responsibility towards the shareholders and owners?

Better governance practices recommend independent performance assessment of the Board members, or at least pier review (although that is almost always is tarnished by biases).

We can provide you with an independent, unbiased, unredacted assessment of your Board members and dynamics and transparent representation of their effectiveness to achieve your organization’s strategic objectives.

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