Hospitality and Leisure

After being hit by the global economic crisis, the hospitality industry is set for a comeback as we are seeing an increased injection of investments in new hotels, resorts and serviced apartments projects in the middle east, UAE in particular. There has been a significant increase in rooms available and associated food and beverage outlets and leisure facilities.

Hotel and resort operators are facing fierce competition on many fronts, be it securing new properties to manage and retaining the current through meeting the owners’ expectations and returning value for the investment in their services.

The competition in recent years has shifted from merely managing a hospitality operation to a race to deliver outstanding customer service in super luxurious facilities and creating memorable ambiance.Technology has also been a significant component of this race to excellence as it has been the catalyst for some of the most innovative improvements in the industry.

Amongst others, this race has been challenged with high cost of investments and innovation, lack of skilled resources, complexity of regulations and compliance requirements, pressure to manage the quality of products and services, fraud and corruption.

Our experience at RISKTAL covers both the facilities’ owners and service operators’ processes. We have had extensive experience conducting process audits for some of the most prominent operators word wide and are very well experienced with the interrelation between those and the facilities owners’ processes.

At RISKTAL we seek to partner with you and bring to you our extensive experience to assist in your hospitality services with some our specialist offerings:

  • Mystery guest audits.
  • Performance audits.
  • RISKTAL digital solutions.
  • Technology risk management.
  • Innovation and creativity solutions.
  • Human capital advisory.
  • Development and/or review of policies and procedures manuals.
  • Compliance management services.
  • Supply chain solutions.
  • Internal audit services.
  • Forensic data analysis.
  • Fraud and corruption prevention services.
  • Risk management solutions.
  • Business continuity planning.
  • Professional training and awareness campaigns.
  • Business model transformation.
  • Major programs advisory.