Energy and Sustainable Energy

Climate change and environment have emerged as pressing matters that brought the world countries together in efforts to have a more sustainable future. That involved changing in regulations and shifting to green options that have affected many industries such as construction as “green buildings” have been introduced.

On the other hand, power companies are challenged with maintaining the reliability and sustainability of their services while managing the costs to the consumers and introducing more innovative solutions shifting to green energy sources.

As the traditional energy sources are at risk of depletion, the shift to more sustainable sources has required stringent long term planning by government and regulators, giving rise to a wide range of compliance requirements.

At RISKTAL we can help you manage and maneuver through those requirements and support your business through the following services:

  • Corporate social responsibility.
  • Carbon footprint services.
  • Excellence awards and happiness advisory.
  • Internal audit services.
  • Forensic data analysis.
  • Fraud and corruption prevention services.
  • Risk management solutions.
  • Business continuity planning.
  • Major programs advisory.
  • Government procurement probity services.
  • Professional training and awareness campaigns.
  • RISKTAL digital solutions.