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Excellence Services

Excellence Services

As different and more complex forms of organizations and service offerings keep emerging in today’s market fueled by technological advancements and wider customer reach, the traditional organizational models are proving to have some limitations.

Boards and executive management who are responsible to create and optimize value for their stakeholders, require more advanced tools and mechanisms to allow them to better discharge their responsibilities and to drive the success of their organizations.

Irrespective of organizations’ size and industries they operate within, it has become fundamental to drive organizational value through clear strategic plans that would integrate management efforts with stakeholders’ expectations while maintaining effective governance processes.

At RISKTAL, we work with you to create the path of excellence to unleash your organization’s potential and optimize value.



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RISKTAL strives to be a partner in every step of your journey towards organizational excellence and catalyst for your success, through providing a suite of high end professional advisory services in the areas of:

Strategic Planning and Performance Optimization

At RISKTAL we firmly believe that in order to succeed, there need to be unity of objectives, and all elements should be channeled in a clear path to achieve those objectives. In order to do so, the elements should perform well on their own as well as with the team to optimize the outputs of the value chain.

  • Strategic direction articulation.
  • Strategic plan development.
  • Organizational risk assessment.
  • Value optimization.
  • Operational plans development.
  • Assessment of new opportunities.
  • Awareness workshops.
  • Optimize strategic reporting.
  • Independent assessment of the strategic management functions.
  • Market growth solutions.
  • Investment diversity advisory.
  • Corporate finance services.
  • Performance optimization solutions.
  • Performance measurement.
  • Awareness and training workshops.
  • Optimize performance management reporting.
  • Human capital development.

Business Model Transformation

Operating and business models are becoming more complex and sophisticated in order to keep up with the rapid growth of the organizations and dynamic environment they operate in.

Failure to adopt a suitable business model may be the difference between the rise or fall of an organization. By business model we mean the systems, tools and methods that are put in place to integrate the organizational elements to effectively contribute to achieving the strategic objectives.

At RISKTAL we believe that organizational value is optimized by creating synergies across the business model while identifying and utilizing technology and being adequately agile to adapt to the dynamic environment that organizations operate within.

RISKTAL provides you high end professional services in the following:

  • Business model optimization.
  • Technology optimization.
  • Governance and compliance.
  • Reporting channels optimization.
  • Business processes improvement solutions.
  • Technology optimization.
  • Operating policies and procedures.
  • Operational performance management.
  • Independent assessment of process design and control.
  • Internal audit.
  • Process risk assessment.

Excellence Awards and Happiness Advisory Services

In today's global markets there is fierce competition amongst organizations to identify and secure available opportunities, especially during economic downturn with more cautious spend and scarcity of opportunities.

The globalization of the markets and technological advancements, have rendered the gates wide open for international players to compete in local economies; hence, organizations more than ever are in a race to excel over competition and up their game to be able to sustain their presence in the markets and to continuously grow.

Governments on the other hand, acknowledging their impact on the economy and delivering value to their citizens and residents, have joined a similar race for progressive transformation aimed at reaching higher standards of excellence to support their countries.

To drive these initiatives forward, multiple awards programs have been introduced in both public and private sectors that assess, recognize and reward organizational efforts and achievements in their journey to achieve excellence.

If we look "Excellence" up in a dictionary we will find synonyms such as distinction, high quality, superiority, brilliance, supremacy, transcendence which pretty much encapsulate the essence of Excellence which is to doing the best and become outstanding at what we do.

One synonym that resonated with us is "peerlessness" which is generally what organizations aim for in their race for excellence, to shine and be better than the crowd whist achieving their strategic objectives, delivering on their mission and achieving their vision.

Excellence is not a one-off initiative; it is a journey. It is a system that requires the collaboration and integration of the efforts of every individual asset in an organization, and rising with their capabilities and performance individually and collectively to achieve the desired organizational excellence goals.

A simple measurement of organizational excellence is "Happiness". As simple as it may sound; this criterion is an effective indicator that reflects the level of satisfaction attained from the collective efforts and achievements that organizations incur in their Excellence journey.

Be it the employees' happiness in the work environment or customers' satisfaction from a product of service, or shareholders' happiness about the results of the organization; all of these are examples of how happiness can be a universal indicator for organizational excellence.

Accordingly, more mature organizations strive to embed this factor in their functional matrices and closely monitor the results and use them as a compass to navigate into achieving excellence.

RISKTAL provides you holistic professional services throughout your pursuit for excellence.

  • Excellence framework development.
  • Excellence framework assessment.
  • Training and awareness.
  • Excellence program management.
  • Reporting optimization.
  • Training and awareness.
  • Excellence KPI's development.
  • Excellence achievement measurement.
  • Business intelligence solutions.
  • Training and awareness.
  • Excellence awards programs readiness.
  • Independent assessment of programs readiness
  • Training and awareness.
  • Happiness framework development.
  • Happiness measurement and assessment.
  • Digital optimization.
  • Business intelligence.
  • Training and awareness.

Innovation and Creativity Solutions

Nowadays, the business environment is more dynamic than ever, the demographics of businesses are changing, target customers and trade platforms are rapidly evolving, and the rise of social media as major influencers and enablers in today's business have made it inevitable for organizations and management to become more agile and embrace those changes to sustain their presence and growth.

In recent years we have witnessed the demise and downfall of large organizations that failed to be agile and adapt to the speedy evolution and changes in their environment and technological advancements.

At RISKTAL we have noticed that harnessing innovation and creativity has become a priority on successful organizations' agendas, whether it is happening within the organization or through sourcing external input.

RISKTAL's innovation advisory solutions help you, not only to effectively harness the creativity and innovation of your organizations' talent, but to capture valuable input from sources that have an impact on your business.

RISKTAL is your innovation partner through:

    RISKTAL's Innovation Cafe
  • Organization and facilitation of Innovation Cafes.
    Digital Innovation
  • Digital optimization.
  • Technology optimization.
    Strategy Innovation
  • "Bring your idea to life" advisory.
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