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There have been attempts at impersonating one or more of our employees’ profiles using fake messaging application(s)’ profile(s). The matter has been reported to the UAE Authorities and is currently under investigation.

Any communication that you may receive from Risktal Management Consultancies (“Risktal”) or any of our employees will only be through the official contact numbers specified on our website, so please validate the phone number of any communication received. Any future changes to our official contact details will be communicated to you through our official email addresses or the methods agreed in our engagement letters.

Do Not share any information related to Risktal or any of its employees with any party other than the designated contacts (within the scope of any ongoing engagement) and validate with us if you receive any unknown communications impersonating Risktal or any of its employees.

Risktal is hereby indemnified for any consequences caused by other parties’ sharing their information to unauthorized personnel and holds responsible any sharing of information that may impact Risktal or any of its employees in line with UAE laws.