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Audit Services

As organizations’structures become more complex and their operations more sophisticated and globally dispersed, the Boards and their committees are challenged to discharge their responsibilities to ensure that business risks are adequately managed and that executive management are operating in the best interest of the shareholders to achieve the organization’s strategic objectives.

Furthermore, organizations continue to be challenged to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements at the risk of exposure to litigation, financial loss and reputational damage.

Internal audit is an independent function that provide the owners and the boards with advisory and assurance that management have adequate and effective systems in place
to manage organizational risks.

At RISKTAL we believe in the value of a highly skilled and effective internal audit function as a change catalyst and a trusted advisor to the board and management. we also appreciate the complexity of the positioning of such a function and the challenges it faces, which make our offerings more relevant to you in order to optimize the value of internal audit.

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We do not believe in having an internal audit function simply to satisfy a governance requirement or "ticking a box" in the organizational structure. Hence RISKTAL brings years of experience in governance and advisory services to provide high quality end to end internal audit services that fit the organizations size, complexity and operations.

  • Internal audit strategy.
  • Internal audit methodology.
  • Reporting optimization.
  • Internal audit governance.
  • Board audit committees governance.
  • RISKTAL internal audit outsource services.
  • Internal audit co-source.
  • Specialist resources secondment.
  • Expert audit committee representation.
  • Independent assessment of the internal audit function.
  • Audit committee assessment.
  • Technology internal audit.
  • Data analytics.
  • Environmental internal audit.
  • Occupational health and safety internal audit.
  • Security internal audit.
  • Continuous internal audit.
  • Smart internal audit.
  • Digital internal audit.
  • Internal audit function training.
  • Internal audit organizational awareness campaigns.
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