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Advisory Services

Organizations are operated and managed with general objectives to optimize the value to their stakeholders, be it the community or the customers but ultimately to the owners or shareholders. Consequently, boards and executive management are expected to act with integrity and in the best interest of their organizations, while maintaining adequate controls to manage the risk of fraud, corruption, misconduct or any form of illegal or unjust abuse of a position or assets that would jeopardize stakeholders interest.

Some of the fundamental area of concern to organizations with regards to fraud and corruption are:


In recent years, technological and digital advancements facilitated rapid growth and globalization of businesses, leading to increased reliance on ERP solutions that maintain huge volumes of data.

Whilst new opportunities arise, they also come at a cost of exposure to potential risks:

  • Information security and privacy breaches.
  • The increased sophistication of fraud and cybercrime.
  • Complexity in legislation and regulations across different geographies.
  • Miscalculated ventures in emerging markets and unfamiliar business partners.
  • Theft and misuse of intellectual property.


Organizations that are more proactive in managing fraud and corruption risks find themselves more resilient and in a better position to maintain reputational integrity and minimize financial loss exposure.

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