There’s No Smoke Without Fire

Know What's Behind The Smoke

January 21, 2022 | By Risktal Thought Leadership

No matter what goes on in your organization, it will appear in the results.

Sometimes, good results are too good to be true, or bad results too bad to be true. Nevertheless, an “independent” “specialist” overview is needed to tell you what is really going on.

A common misconception that is going about, where management use their external/statutory auditors’ reports as the shield to defend the accuracy, completeness, fair representation etc. of their results; however, going through the news almost daily you can see the so called top tiered audit firms paying penalty after penalty for failed audits, which destroyed many investors in the process. Let alone the conflict of interest between some C-Suite Executives and Board Members with the audit firms. As a continuum to this sad spectrum there are the “hired-stamp” auditors who are willing to attest to anything and everything for a few dollars.

We can help you know the real picture of what is going on in your organization; and FIX THE WRONG.


DO NOT contact us UNLESS you are willing to drive change in your organization and empower us to do that. If you do, we will be glad to support you and we GUARANTEE the results.

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