The Chocolate Trail to Corruption!

September 2, 2019 | By Risktal Thought Leadership

When you refer to Fraud and Corruption literature, you often find references to the red flags of a fraudster e.g. sudden change in lifestyle, not taking vacations etc..

However, through our observations we noticed more subtle and real life red flags that could lead to fraud or entice corruption.. Chocolate & Co. 

We have witnessed some officials’ offices turn into chocolate shops and flower gardens the day they assume positions of influence. Even if the person is of high integrity, simply by accepting such gifts (a sweeter way that may lead to bribes) he or she are jeopardizing that integrity.

An interesting test for those who like to analyse data, is to compare the information of the gift senders to the suppliers and/or customers lists, cases won, licenses granted, etc.

Well it is not just chocolate but an interesting area to look into as well are the summer vacations, and trips … who is paying for these?

Too many questions … but what is required is a clear mandate from the top to detect and prevent corruption, supported by a team of high integrity, competent individuals to drive those directive and embed them as an organization culture not just a tick-the-box task.