Say No To Those Feeding Off You

Enough is Enough!

December 12, 2021 | By Risktal Thought Leadership

Take the following Quiz to know if you are being fed off:

  • Are your Executives (Execs) unable to take any decision without getting your  blessing?
  • Is everything you say goes without any challenge by your Execs whether it is in line with the Strategy or not?
  • Do your Execs appear only for meetings with you, and disappear when you are not there?
  • Are your Execs oblivious to the organization’s policies and delegate everything to everyone?
  • Do your Execs only know their PAs’ names and numbers and not the rest of their teams?
  • Do your Execs blame everyone for poor performance and remain untouched?

If your answer is a “Yes” for the above, then commiseration you are one of those who are being fed off by individuals who add no value to your business.

In so many instances Executives are there as a front or as a commodity to show off that there is a CEO or CFO from X nationality, with Y experience; while in reality their actual contribution to the business is marginal and can be replaced by their assistants. You don’t need a genius to hold a stick or dangle a carrot to the masses; specially if he/she are not even delegated to do either.

Most of the time, these so called Execs hide in their offices or “work from home” and miraculously appear in Owners’ meetings; meanwhile, they have enough time to attend to their personal investment portfolios, attend to home repairs and go to the gym etc. while on the clock.

If the same rigor in administering junior positions is applied to the top, the results will vary significantly.

We are the sole management consultancy that will identify the issues that you have at THE TOP and not just the petty matters.


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