Health and Wellness

As living standards continue to improve, reliance on technology is on the rise rendering manual labor and physical activity to an all-time low; combine that with the reduced quality of produce and food sourced due to genetic modification and excessive use of the chemicals, the obesity is on the rise which is associated with a rising cost for the clean bill of health.

Recognizing this as a global risk in metropolitan cities and technologically advanced societies, we have witnessed in the past decade an increased investment in health facilities and gymnasiums and an outbreak of fitness awareness across all sorts of media.

This boom in the health and wellness industry drove many enthusiasts to invest in the industry without having the technical background hence exposing customers to risks of injuries and being subject to litigation. On the other hand, other investors lack business acumen to drive growth, secure adequate funding and administer the regulatory requirements, while meeting their customers’ needs and expectations.

Furthermore, corporates have a responsibility towards the wellness of their employees through dedicated programs and initiatives that aim at releasing stress and allowing for better health that will reflect positively on the employees’ productivity.

At RISKTAL we bring you our expertise in the business process improvements and strategic planning supported by strong capabilities in the technical aspects of health and wellness solutions. We seek to partner with you through a suite of our professional services that will help you optimize the value of your investment in health and wellness:

  • Organizational growth solutions (start-ups, entrepreneurial services, family business).
  • Development and/or review of policies and procedures manuals.
  • Performance audits.
  • Strategic planning.
  • RISKTAL digital solutions.
  • Risk management solutions.
  • Technology risk management.
  • Internal audit services.
  • Compliance management services.
  • Innovation and creativity solutions.
  • Human capital advisory.
  • Forensic data analysis.
  • Fraud and corruption prevention services.
  • Professional training and awareness campaigns.
  • Business model transformation.