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experienced organizational risk management

At RISKTAL we welcome experienced professionals in all of our advisory services, who can embrace RISKTAL’s values and share the firm’s vision. We also acknowledge that there are subject matter experts whose input could add value to our clients; hence, at RISKTAL we embrace and nourish these talents to unleash their full potential.

Being part of RISKTAL's team would provide you with:

  • Growth opportunities.
  • Being part of the firm’s strategy.
  • Opportunities to unleash your potential and your expertise.
  • Growing your professional network.
  • A professional culture with unity of vision and free from disruptive behaviors.

At RISKTAL we provide experienced talent with career opportunities in:

Full time employment

RISKTAL believes in investing and capitalizing on professionals’ experiences and providing them with opportunities to forge this expertise into value adding solutions that satisfy our clients’ requirements and exceed their expectations.

Part time contracts

Here at RISKTAL we acknowledge that amazing talents are out there who are unable to commit to full-time employment, but would be invaluable to our specialized offerings.

Hence, we provide this more flexible opportunity allowing you to contribute in adding value to our clients through utilizing your professional experience and specialist skills in a manner that is optimum to our clients, to RISKTAL and to you.

Before you apply to join us, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you willing to adopt and believe in RISKTAL's vision and contribute to its success?
  • Are you capable and willing to live by RISKTAL's values?
  • Are you proud of your experience and achievements and want to put that into assisting others?
  • Do you want to be part of an elite team of professionals and embark on a journey of growth?
  • Are you motivated and driven to contribute to the success of RISKTAL?
  • Are you willing to transfer your knowledge into RISKTAL's new generation and mentor them to success and growth?

If your answers have been “Yes” for all the above, then you have a strong opportunity to be part of our team and are looking forward to receiving your resume.