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Message  From  CEO  

Maher is the Chief Executive Officer of RISKTAL Management Consultancies. With multinational experience delivering high-end advisory and assurance services specially in Australia and the Middle East, he is highly regarded for his professionalism and commitment to innovation, quality and adding value to our clients.

He upholds RISKTAL’s values and is the driver behind the firm’s vision, through fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

“In recent years, driven by technological advancements, digital evolution and dominance of social media, the world has been experiencing rapid changes that are having profound impact on our daily lives and the business landscape as a whole. These years are also defined by progressively increasing successful entrepreneurial businesses, fueled by millennial talent who want to bring their own ideas to life outside the rigid traditional business institution.

We have further witnessed the progressive globalization of markets and emergence of new trade platforms which, in record time, reshaped the way things are done. Whilst creating invaluable opportunities to organizations, this double-edged sword has been exposing them to different and growing sets of business risks. Such opportunities are embodied in the global reach for customers and suppliers, as there is no confinement to the geographical boundaries anymore; however, the same factors expose the existence of local organizations and prompt them to be more agile in managing the ever changing business risks to become more resilient in their journey of growth and development.

Consequently, the business environment has become more complex and regulatory requirements are becoming more onerous, hence the need for effective governance is more crucial than ever.

Acknowledging what is happening around us and the challenges that are faced by organizations, we decided after more than 20 years of professional services experience with a drive to influence change and do things the right way, to crown our life’s and professional experiences with RISKTAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES (RISKTAL).

RISKTAL’s leadership are alumni of some of the world’s more prominent names in management consulting and professional services; we further held executive positions in different industries and across organizations both in private and public sectors in Australia and the Middle East.

RISKTAL was founded to be your boutique management consulting firm, where we listen to you and understand exactly what you need to provide you with reliable, high quality professional services and become your trusted personal and professional advisor.

RISKTAL has been founded as an oxymoron in its own merit; a traditional modern consultancies, an independent personal partner and advisor, whose sole focus is to help you achieve your strategic objectives and contribute to your success story. We embrace and advocate innovation, therefore at RISKTAL we bring the discipline and dedication of a traditional professional services firm fueled by the energy, innovation, creativity and diversity of a multigenerational and multicultural institution where everyone’s input matters and are thirsty to utilize what technology has to offer to add value to you.

We want to share our experience and knowledge of better practices with organizations and individuals who have a clear vision about what they want to achieve and are keen to turn that vision into a successful reality. RISKTAL is there to make your journey smoother; just think about the frustration of dealing with a supplier who could not deliver, or the wasted time of explaining what you want then get hit with something pulled out of a magician’s hat, that has no relevance or value to what you are trying to achieve.

RISKTAL’s commitment to you is genuine and we, leadership and team, collectively stand by it to be the partner to your success and be there for you to the best of our abilities providing you with value adding services and solutions that exceed your expectations and assist you achieve your strategic objectives.

Whether you are an entrepreneur with an idea that you want to bring to life or if your business has plateaued and need to take it to the next level or just to obtain independent assurance about how the business risks are being managed, RISKTAL is your one stop advisor through a carefully designed set of services that satisfy your business needs in Organizational Risk Management, Management Consultancies Services, Forensic Advisory Services, Internal Audit Services, in addition to Professional and Specialized Training and Awareness.

Personally I am excited about RISKTAL’s service offerings and would urge you to reach out and get to know more about us and what we can do for you. Your experience with us will be nothing short than outstanding and guaranteed to take your perception of professional services to the next level. We look forward to being part of your success stories and building strong long-lasting professional partnerships with you.

Your partner to success,”

Maher M. Tarazi


Chief Executive Officer