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an overview of the Firm

RISKTAL is a boutique Firm that has been established in Dubai – UAE with an objective of delivering high quality specialized advisory services in the fields of organizational risk management, management consultancies, internal audit, forensic services and professional specialized training.

We bring to you the pinnacle of professional services experience combining global better practices predominantly followed in Australia and Asia Pacific with the regional and local business environment and practices.

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RISKTAL is Different

At RISKTAL we pride ourselves with our values and the key factors that differentiate us from others:

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The story behind the Name

At RISKTAL we acknowledge that we are living in an age where technological advancements are prevalent and..

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RISKTAL expanding spectrum of services

A dynamic suite of professional services that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations and meet your changing business requirements throughout your journey to success.

Our journey to become RISKTAL your partner to success

RISKTAL suite of advisory services consistently delivered to the highest professional standards to support your success story

Key Industries Experience

Our multidiscipline experience across different industries brings you specialist and practical knowledge that is invaluable for your business development and growth.

International experience tailored to enrich the local practice

We understand the local culture's particulars, hence tailor our international better practices to best suit your business environment.

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Middle East

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Asia Pacific

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Our Values

At RISKTAL we believe that our success is driven by our contribution to your success; hence, we live by the following set of values that differentiate us...

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Our Leadership

RISKTAL has been founded to provide high quality professional services with integrity and impartiality. It is led by high caliber experienced leadership..

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RISKTAL is a boutique provider of high end innovative professional advisory services, where we bring to you the experience of global consultancies firms in a much more personalized manner.

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